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Reader, writer, photographer, designer, and life-enjoyer living in the Pacific Northwest. Iā€™m at my best when surrounded by hard-working people with active imaginations who won't shy away from big ideas. I'm good at finding new ways to do old things, coloring outside the lines, and working hard for my community ā€” oh, and eating local.

I am especially knowledgeable about food industry public relations, marketing, and branding, specifically the way in which the public interacts with grocery stores and restaurants via social media, newsletters, feature articles, photographs, and events. I specialize in leading teams in telling stories, over-enthusiastic brainstorming sessions, and talking way too much about food access. 

Have an idea? Reach out to me directly, and don't be afraid to call:

Email: alyciamrock@gmail.com Phone: (509) 715-7030

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